Evaluation Meeting

Another milestone for our group: LLL Southampton has kicked off the New Year by holding its first official evaluation meeting.  The purpose of such a meeting is to evaluate (saw that coming, didn’t you?) how our Series Meetings have been going and to give our group mothers a chance to have a say and be more involved in the organisation of the group.  We would like to thank everyone who came as we really value your input.  This group is here for you and wouldn’t exist without you, so there’s no point in us making all the decisions on our own and deciding what it is you want!  An overview of what we discussed will be available on our Facebook page shortly and you can still have your say by emailing leader@lllsouthampton.org.uk .  Some of the main ideas that were suggested and that we will be looking into were 1) the startup of a Facebook group where mothers can ask questions and share experiences, and 2) the translation of our posters and purchase of books in other languages in order to be more inclusive.  We still welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have (such as which books you feel could be added to the library or what we might need to raise funds for in the future, or anything else you want to ask or say, good or bad!) and we are also still looking for more mums who might be willing to take on a small group job (from making a cup of tea to helping with publicity or fundraising, or even the prestigious job of writing this blog!).

We’re all feeling energised and inspired now, and ready to make 2017 a super year for breastfeeding and for LLL.  Whatever your breastfeeding goals may be, we hope that in 2017 you find your path to reach them and we wish you a very Happy New Year. x

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