Festive meeting

This week we had a great time celebrating LLL Southampton’s last meeting of the year in lovely company.

   We first talked about surviving the hustle and bustle of Christmas with babies or small children in tow.  We discussed how we feel about nursing our (not so) little ones in front of other people at Christmas gatherings, spending time with family and friends who may not be familiar with having little people around them all day, and responding to our children’s needs when we are not in our own home and meals may be at strange times.
Mums also commented on how nursing could be a lovely chance to reconnect with their babies during busy days.  The LLL philosophy that talks about mothers putting the needs of their family first seems a particularly fitting one for this time of year.
   We then went on to discuss the journey of weaning we go on with our children, a journey that is unique for every mother and every child.  Weaning is another topic that can be extra challenging at this time of year, when we often sit around a table and share a meal with people who’s opinions may be quite different from our own!
These were some of the statements on weaning we discussed in the group:
– Weaning is a step toward growing up and, like walking and talking, a child takes these steps according to his own timetable;
– Each stage of your nursing relationship requires new mothering skills… this can be a challenge!;
– Extended nursing protects your child against illness;
– Quiet moments with you are still important to your older baby (a toddler’s active schedule and time away from you can increase the need to nurse);
– How to substitute other kinds of loving care for nursing.
   As always I loved to listen and watch how mums were sharing experiences and ideas, all while listening to some festive music, munching on some healthy Baby Led Weaning carrot muffins and some less healthy Christmas tree cupcakes, all washed down with a lovely warm cuppa!  I hope every one left feeling refuelled and ready to take on the festivities, and we warmly wish you and your family a restful break and a great start to the new year!  We hope to see you all in 2016!
 Xmas meeting LLL2

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