Join our new Zoom meetings!

Hi everyone!  Times have certainly changed, and I am missing welcoming mothers at our weekly meetings and seeing how they support each other on their breastfeeding journeys, finding their own paths and gaining confidence in mothering through breastfeeding. 

Being a busy mother with a new baby or small children can be quite isolating if you can’t share with and learn from other mothers who are going through similar experiences.  So I am really happy that we have recently started fortnightly zoom meetings, which allows us to still provide that mother to mother support that has always been at the heart of LLL.

Last week, our topic was “The Breastfeeding Family and Food”.  We discussed different benefits of breastfeeding related to food, talked about starting solid food and shared tips and experiences on nutrition and family foods. I want to thank everyone who joined us for sharing!

As always, we like to end our meetings with a quote, which this time was one from Dr Gonzales’ book “My Child Won’t Eat!” (2012, p126):

“Let us not be misled,  the main reason we do not drink human milk our entire life is that no one would give it to us. Although perhaps not perfect, mother’s milk is the closest thing to the perfect food, at any age, more than any other known food. A castaway on a deserted island could survive longer if he only had human milk than if he only had bread, or only apples, or only chickpeas, or only meat.”

If you would like to join our next zoom meeting, please let us know and we hope to see you soon. Even though we can’t offer you tea and cake at the moment, it’s still nice to chat!

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