March Meeting

We held our March meeting on the very first day of spring, a warm and sunny day.  A good excuse to celebrate with some chocolate cake and share some ideas on the art of breastfeeding and avoiding difficulties.  Spring brings hope after all!

Spring meeting2

We first discussed feeding cues and benefits of feeding on demand, which brought us to our main topic of supply issues.  With the help of a couple of enthusiastic bunny-assistants, some surprise situations were handed out and mothers shared their thoughts on what they believed was perfectly normal or could indicate a supply issue and may need attention.  We made the best of some of the new books in our library to look up information and add to our own experiences.  We ended our meeting with a nice quote from Diane Wiessinger (

“Breastfeeding is nothing fancier than making lunch for your child. Maybe you need a specialist’s help to do that – maybe something makes it hard for you to open the jar, for instance – but mostly you just need to see other mothers, all making lunch in different ways, from different ingredients, all feeding their children, as mothers always have.”

and of course… some more cake! 🙂

Easter Meeting

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