Meet the Leaders

Each LLL Leader is a mother who has breastfed her own child(ren) and who enjoys helping other mothers to do so. To become accredited, a La Leche League Leader is required to complete a comprehensive programme to familiarise herself with most aspects of breastfeeding and also to develop counselling skills. Once accredited, Leaders offer practical information and encouragement to mothers one-to-one, by phone or e-mail, and through monthly group meetings. LLL Leaders are all unpaid volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a Leader, please contact one of the current Leaders of our group.

These are the faces you’re likely to see at our weekly gatherings and how they have come to love LLL and train to become a Leader:

pic-carolineCaroline has 3 children, Rosie, 10, Tom, 8, and Harriet, 3. “I came to LLL to meet like minded mums when most of my friends had stopped breastfeeding. I’ve had my share of difficulties, and received some great help and support from other Leaders. Since becoming a Leader myself, I’ve become passionate about giving mums the information they need to decide how they want to feed their babies, and I love supporting them when they choose breastfeeding.” Caroline likes baking unusual cakes, keeps cows and chickens, and a rather untidy house.

photo-polly-take-3Polly is mum to Edward and Nina, who have been keeping her very busy since their arrival in the summer of 2011. “I came to LLL as a first time mum, breastfeeding twins and was inspired by the help and support I received to go on to become a Leader.  I loved coming to meetings and learning about breastfeeding, listening to other mums tell their stories and meeting other breastfeeding mums.  Becoming a Leader has taught me the value of listening and shown me how amazingly valuable mother to mother support is.  I hope to be able to help many mums with their breastfeeding journey and enable them to meet their personal goals.  La Leche League is a wonderful community to be a part of.”

website-pic-2Anne is mum of two, Ellie and Lucas, born in April 2011 and 2013 respectively.  “My journey with LLL has taught me to really trust my own instincts when it comes to my children.  Every mother is the expert on her own baby and there are as many different parenting styles as there are parents and babies in the world.  It’s up to you to decide what works for you and your little one.  So my motto is ‘Do what you feel in your heart is right for you, and respect other people enough to let them do the same’.  I love being able to pass on some of the wisdom gathered by so many breastfeeding mothers before me as well as making new friends and meeting other mothers who inspire me along the way.”

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