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  •         18 October 2019: La Leche League Southampton celebrates it’s 5th birthday!  An opportunity for parents, friends, family, health care professionals, and anyone who has attended our group over the last 5 yrs, to come and help celebrate the success of the group.


  •         12 October 2019: La Leche League Southampton’s Leaders and LLL Southampton members attend the annual LLLGB   National Workshop on LLLove & LLLearning    



  • 15 July 2017: La Leche League Southampton participates in the Mela Festival in   Southampton.  Read more about it in our blog!


  • June 2017: La Leche League Southampton again manages to obtain funding from the   Big Lottery Fund.  The money will go towards the cost of our venue, training more Leaders, updating our library, reaching out to as many women and mothers as possible in our divers community and doing a trial run for new breastfeeding antenatal classes for couples in our area.  Exciting times, so watch this space!


  • 4 December 2016: La Leche League Southampton runs the café at the Foresta Artisan Fayre in Lyndhurst (New Forest) to raise funds for the group.  The money is mainly used to provide training for the breastfeeding counsellors.


  • 14-15 October 2016: La Leche League Southampton’s Leaders attend National LLLGB Conference in Derby.  The two-day event celebrates 60 years of LLL.  Speakers include Teresa Pitman and Diane Wiessinger, co-authors of the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.


  • February 2016: Article “Local Breastfeeding group invests in support for women in Southampton” published in Families Magazine online.


  • Press release January 2016:  La Leche League Southampton successfully secures lottery funding for new breastfeeding support group

La Leche League Southampton are celebrating success in securing funding for their new project which will provide local women with much needed support with breastfeeding.  The group meets at St James’ Road Methodist Church every Monday from 10am-12pm in term time and is run by experienced breastfeeding counsellors.  It is a place for breastfeeding mothers and expectant mothers to receive quality breastfeeding support and a great way to meet other breastfeeding mothers.

The money from the lottery will be put towards a brand new library which mothers will be able to browse and members can borrow from, leaflets which will help new mothers who need clear and helpful guidance with breastfeeding difficulties, some new comfortable breastfeeding chairs, securing the venue for another year and training new mothers who wish to become La Leche League Leaders (breastfeeding counsellors).

LLL Southampton has seen the group flourish and continue to help new mothers on a weekly basis.  Breastfeeding counsellor Caroline Gallear has been volunteering for LLL for 6 years and says, ‘We are delighted and hugely excited to receive this much needed funding.  It is vital that mothers to be and breastfeeding mothers receive the support they need to enable them to breastfeed successfully.  We look forward to helping many more mothers in the future.’



  • 02 May 2015: Sponsored Bluebell Walk in the Itchen Valley Country Park to raise funds for LLL GB.


  • 15 December 2014: Christmas cake sale to raise funds for LLL Southampton.


  • 03 November 2014: Official Launch Party of LLL Southampton at St James Road Methodist Church, Shirley, Southampton.


  • 11 October 2014: Leaders of LLL Southampton attend the LLL GB National Workshop in Farnham.  Keynote Speaker: Dr Carlos Gonzalez


  • June 2013: BBC Radio Solent Community Chest Fund.  Funds used to buy books for the library and leader applicants

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